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Compare Our Pricing

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Sending 1,000.00 GBP With image image image image image
Recipient Gets (Total after fees) 1,163.98 EUR Save up to 37.14 EUR 1,200.98 EUR -81.024 EUR 1,205.98 EUR -05.024 EUR 1,196.98 EUR -70.024 EUR 1,163.98 EUR -75.024 EUR
Transfer Fee 1.0539874 (First 5 fee-free) 1.0534200 1.0542254 1.0559674 1.0567874
Exchange Rate (1 GBP → EUR) 5.026 Mid-market rate 5.026 5.026 5.026 5.026
Total Cost 5.026 5.026 5.026 5.026 5.026
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